This astonishing stat has forced me to email more…

I recently attended Perry Belcher’s event in Las Vegas this past week.

If you don’t know who Perry is… he’s an absolute legend in the email marketing space and owns 22 businesses.

Anyways, the theme of the workshop was email mastery…

I learned a ton from it, and honestly, it made me feel great. Many of the strategies and tactics Perry suggested are things I’m already doing…so that’s good to know I’m rowing in the right direction.

I think I can do a lot more though…so I’m excited to share what I’m doing in near future.

During the workshop, one stat blew me away because I had never seen an actual stat on this…I just assumed.

The stat was reasons why a person opens an email…

The choices were:

  • Intro Paragraph
  • Subject line
  • Offer
  • Sender’s Name
  • Expected Length

Can you guess which one it is?

Now there are two I believe most would choose…

If you thought subject line…you were wrong.

The answer was the sender’s name (if you guessed that, imagine me giving you a 👏).

Sender name accounts for 64% of the reason someone opens an email…

That’s a crazy stat! It makes a lot of sense, but I never knew it was that high.

So once I saw that…I realized I had to make it a priority to send more emails to my list.

Even industry leaders like Justin Goff have talked about this…

“Status is the trump card when it comes to getting hired as a copywriter.

Let’s say you have two copywriters of similar skill level, who both charge $10k to write a sales letter.

One of the copywriters is pretty well known — she’s always on podcasts, speaks at events, and is dishing out advice in Facebook groups…

The other copywriter we’re looking at is a quiet guy. He keeps to himself, and doesn’t really do much to get his name out there.

Who do you think will be hired more often?

The first one will, hands down.”

So the lesson to take away from this is to do everything you can to get your name known…

Here’s how I’m going to do it…

  • Email my list more.
  • Go to more events and talk to as many people as I can.
  • Participate in groups I’m a part of and flex 💪 my knowledge, so I position myself as a leader. (I’m typically quiet on this because I like to be humble, but I’m telling myself to f**k that and show how good I am.)

Why am I doing it this way and not posting more on social media?

I have a very targeted person I’m trying to get on my list. And most of these people are in the groups I coach in, are a part of, or the events I attend. So I’m going to do everything in my power to talk to those people first.

I don’t have an offer or a product yet (I will at some point), and when I do, I’ll start posting on social media more…

But I believe word of mouth is the best marketing you can do, and I look to take advantage of that. (Tesla is a perfect example of this…they spend $0 on marketing.)

So I suggest you take some time and think of ways to get your name known…because if you want to be an industry leader, you have to make sure people know who you are.

That’s all I got for today. I know someone needed to hear this.

So Long,

Conner Larkin

P.S. Another takeaway I got from the event was that you can always be doing more. No matter what, someone is working harder and is better than you. Consistently find them and learn from them. Never settle for where you are at. I see this as a massive problem for copywriters when they start to have success.


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